Hi, My name is Tammy. Thanks for taking time out of scrolling thru the many Psychics and Spell Casters that I am more than sure you've seen thru out your search for help to read and look thru my site! I am so Excited to share with you my gifts!


I am a Psychic Reader, Love spell caster, healer, and advisor.. I am a high priestess white magic witch and spiritual adviser I own Psychic Help and Spell Caster I have over 25 years of experience. Im gifted in helping people in all areas in life. This is a natural born gift that I have but this is also a business that I take very seriously. My work Comes very highly recommended from all my client's, that is how I have built a successful business, Through my happy and satisfied customers! I hope to be able to guide, advise, help & Heal you with whatever you may be going through! I will do what I must to make sure every client is a satisfied customer. This is a rule of mine, a way of life! I am the 9th generation to a family of Psychic readers and Witch craft specialist ( Basically,I know what I am doing! lol) I have been in the business for quite a while my self and although I do consider my self a Psychic and a spell caster, I prefer to look at my self more as a Spiritual Life & Love Consultant. Dont get me wrong, I love being a witch! I love being able to give my clients a look into the exciting future but to be honest, The words Psychic or Witch are just easy ways of you understanding what I do. Call it " the familiar" if you will. You all know what a Witch is? right... and I am ore than sure many of you reading this, know what a Psychic is... I am also sure that you've probably heard a lot about fake psychic scams trying to take from the people in need to give to them selfs but does anyone really know what is means to be a witch? a true one? or A real Psychic? Well, If you don't know what a really psychic is I am here to share more about my self and my perspective on my own abilities and also a bit about my family background as well.